Designed for hospital use and ideal for the sensitive lungs of children and neonates, our IPV®-2C and VDR®-4 HFPV devices continuously and instantaneously adjust to maintain gentle and safe ventilation.

Devices: The IPV®-2C VDR®-4

Designed specifically for hospital use, the IPV®-2C features a Phasitron®, our patented open-circuit technology that makes TRUE-IPV® possible. Each Phasitron® kit provides a lung protective strategy, and makes all IPV® products compatible with conventional ventilators, preventing the need to switch between different devices. IPV® devices provide a safe and versatile solution for patients requiring Lung Conditioning Therapy in the NICU and PICU.

The VDR®-4 is another hospital staple offering a proven Flow Ventilation® solution for critical and intensive care respiratory ventilation. It is used for newborns and children as a non-invasive option for those who have failed conventional types of ventilation, as well as invasively if needed.

Anand Rajani, M.D.
Medical Director, NICU, Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno
"In our attempts to minimize obstruction, IPV® has been an integral part of our approach to minimizing oxygen toxicity and barotrauma, particularly in our smallest babies. This therapy is now the linchpin of our non-invasive ventilation strategy that has allowed us to routinely reach chronic lung disease rates of less than 15 percent."