TRUE-IPV® Therapy

Our TRUE-IPV® devices offer a gentle and effective therapy to improve the lives of patients of all ages by providing clearance of secretions, lung recruitment and improved gas exchange.

Devices: The IPV®-1C The IPV®-2C

The safest, most effective technology for patient therapy, our IPV® devices deliver TRUE-IPV® that provides improved clearance of secretions, lung recruitment, and gas exchange while protecting the most fragile of lungs.

Designed specifically for hospital use, both the IPV®-1C and IPV®-2C feature a Phasitron® that makes TRUE-IPV® possible. Each Phasitron® kit provides a lung protective strategy and allows all IPV® products to provide a safe and versatile solution for patients requiring Lung Conditioning Therapy in the NICU and PICU, and adult critical care units.

The IPV®-1C supports lung conditioning, which assists in the restoration of FRC by providing ventilation and airway clearance for most patient populations, while the IPV®-2C enhances the versatility of IPV® therapy by allowing for added control, including demand CPAP to reduce work of breathing (WOB) while transitioning to Flow Ventilation®, as well as independent CPAP for weaning.