Helping ECMO with VDR®-4

When patients require life-saving ECMO, our VDR®-4 provides high-frequency percussive ventilation (HFPV), a proven critical care solution that can enhance recovery, decrease the amount of time on ECMO, and improve overall outcomes.

Devices: VDR®-4


Proven effective for most hospital patient populations, the VDR®-4 is a versatile tool for critical care respiratory ventilation and can be used for newborns and children as a non-invasive option for those failing NCPAP and High Flow therapies. The VDR®-4 is a dependable HFPV option and may reduce time on ECMO for adult patients with ARDS by enabling improved clearance of secretions while supporting lung recruitment and gas exchange. It is a trusted solution for ventilating patients of all populations who have failed conventional types of ventilation.

The Bronchotron® Transport shares the same Flow Ventilation® benefits as the VDR®-4 with a rugged protector case added for durability and portability. This pneumatic device allows clinicians to ventilate pre-ECMO candidates of all ages and sizes during transport and can operate with a single oxygen cylinder, or from a standard high flow blender. It does not depend on electrical power and has built-in alarms and monitoring display.

Don Null, MD
Medical Director for NICU and Transport, UC Davis Medical Center
"I have transported over 800 pre-ECMO babies with the Bronchotron Transport®; of these, only about 80 ended up requiring ECMO because of the benefits of the Phasitron® and HFPV."