Burn Care

The clinician's choice for burn patients and inhalation injuries, HFPV using the VDR®-4 has been associated with improved outcomes and a reduced rate of pneumonia.

Devices: VDR®-4

Effective for all inhalation injuries and burn patients of all ages, the VDR®-4 is a versatile tool for critical care respiratory ventilation that can be used for newborns and children as well as adults requiring burn care. The VDR®-4 may also be used as a non-invasive option for those with smoke inhalation or other injuries to avoid intubation.

The VDR®-4 has been associated with a significantly reduced rate of pneumonia and a marked reduction in mortality in burn patients. It can mobilize secretions and cellular debris, thereby reducing plugging, air trapping, and atelectasis. The VDR®-4 can achieve similar oxygenation at lower FiO2 than conventional modes of ventilation. In patients with ARDS, it has been shown to reduce the pulmonary shunt fraction using lower peak inspiratory pressure, PEEP, and mean airway pressure.