Adult Critical Care

The safest technology for fragile lungs, our IPV® and VDR®-4 devices deliver air exchange with HFPV, airway clearance and lung recruitment to ensure consistent, evidence-based outcomes in critical care patients.

Devices: The IPV®-1C The IPV®-2C VDR®-4

Our critical care devices deliver HFPV that supports air exchange, airway clearance and lung recruitment for all patient populations and can be used to treat respiratory conditions including hypoxemia, hypercapnia, aspiration, smoke inhalation and ARDS.

The IPV®-1C supports lung conditioning, which assists in the restoration of FRC by providing ventilation and airway clearance for most patient populations. The IPV®-2C enhances the versatility of IPV® therapy by allowing for added control, including demand CPAP to reduce WOB while transitioning toTRUE-IPV®, as well as independent CPAP for weaning.  

Effective for most hospital patient populations, the VDR®-4 is a versatile tool for critical care respiratory ventilation and can be used for newborns and children as a non-invasive option for those failing NCPAP and High Flow therapies.