Inventory Manager

This position is responsible for managing all aspects of materials flow and to maintain control and accuracy over all goods inventories, including all transactions, planning, scheduling, warehouse, receiving, and shipping to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled on time. This position is responsible for developing and managing all inventory processes.  This position also is responsible for all inventory personnel, hiring, training, performance reviews, and other duties associated with supporting needs of direct reports, including but not limited to identifying employee and departmental KPIs.

  • Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
  • FLSA: Exempt
  • Last Updated: March 2022

Principal Roles and Responsibilities

Essential Functions of the Positions

  • Ensure efficient and effective training on internal and external customer requirements.
  • Learn products and processes to appropriately support the customers and business.
  • Utilize IT tools for efficient execution of duties (IQMS).
  • Knowledge of Quality Management System (QMS).
  • Working knowledge of standards and regulations as outlined in the QMS documentation and structure.
  • Understanding that device defects may occur from improper performance of specific job function.
  • Receive feedback from customers for individual and company improvement.
  • Professional written and oral communications.
  • Ethics aligned with the company’s mission.
  • Set goals for team or personnel reporting as per the organizational structure.
  • Utilization of IT tools provided to ensure work is organized to prevent errors and omissions.
  • Adheres to company policies and employee handbook.
  • Adaptability to communicate with various clients with diverse cultures and personalities.
  • Develop, implement, and manage cross-functional, fully integrated planning process that incorporates make versus buy, capacity planning, scheduling, inventory, material, and associated cost elements.  
  • Performs analysis of customer demand, sales forecasts, and historical material usage to develop and execute build to order and build to forecast plans.    
  • Coordinate with cross-functional business teams to develop the best economic strategy for production planning to support customer demand.  
  • Establish and implement methods and best practices related to the systems and process that support inventory forecasting, purchasing, and material control.   
  • Coordinate with production scheduling activities by monitoring material inventories, tracking progress of production and reviewing factors that affect schedules.  
  • Coordinate and work with quality, engineering, machining, and assembly operations to ensure 100% on-time delivery by establishing and monitoring schedule to proactively identify and address any issues.  
  • Responsible for accuracy of inventory counts by implementing and managing, in conjunction with Finance, an inventory control system, capable of identifying discrepancies in inventory counts and taking corrective action to guard against inconsistencies in the future.  
  • Achieves financial objectives by working with management group to prepare the materials budget, schedule expenditures, analyze variances and initiate corrective actions.  
  • Participates as a member of the operations team in making cross-functional operational decisions.  
  • Participates in MRB and CAR meetings to resolve quality issues working with both internal and external resources.  
  • Maintains and provides current understanding of industry best practices and technology trends.  
  • Maintains a safe and healthy work environment by implementing, maintaining, and aligning company policies that adhere to local, state, and federal environmental, health and safety regulations.  
  • Regular attendance
  • Performs all other duties and responsibilities assigned by the CEO or its designated representative.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Responsible for staffing, supervision, and performance management of department employees to include disciplinary action. Disciplinary action to be reviewed by Human Resources.
  • Monitors and approves direct reports timecards.
  • Participate in staff management training and effectively manage employees in compliance with federal and state employment laws and regulations.
  • Interview, hire, and train new department employees.
  • Conduct timely performance reviews, establish clear goals, and support learning opportunities for job skills and career growth. Performance reviews to be reviewed by Human Resources.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings.

Minimum Qualifications

Qualifications & Experience

  • 5 years progressive experience in management of materials within a design and manufacturing environment required.   
  • Experience in lean manufacturing, total quality, six sigma, or other similar environments.  
  • Working knowledge and understanding of ERP/MRP systems and their use in a manufacturing environment.  
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.  
  • Supervisory experience
  • Good technical writing, documentation, and record keeping skills.  
  • Good analytical problem-solving ability.  
  • Ability to contribute to a cross functional collaborative environment.  


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, management or other related discipline is preferred but not required.


  • Knowledge of tools, processes, and metrics with the ability to drive and optimize supplier value.  
  • Flexible in responding to procedural changes and department/ company needs and issues.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to resolve problems by gathering necessary information to make an effective resolution for the benefit of the company.
  • Strong interpersonal skills in working with employees, other departments, and suppliers.
  • Personal accountability.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Detail oriented with attention to accuracy.
  • Deadline oriented.
  • Good judgment with the ability to make sound decisions.
  • Leadership skills with the ability to motivate people to create a challenging, empowering, and collaborative working environment.  
  • Leads by example.

Special Work Conditions

This position requires 5+ hours per day standing, sitting, walking, talking, and listening.  Lift to 10 lbs. 0-2 hours per day.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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