30 Years of Innovation

For over 30 years, Percussionaire® has been dedicated to saving and improving lives by advancing the world of respiratory care.

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For over 30 years, Percussionaire has been dedicated to saving and improving lives by advancing the world of respiratory care. Our mission is to create patient-centered TRUE-IPV® devices of the highest quality that solve real problems and save lives. We accomplish this just as our founder, Dr. Forrest Bird, did throughout his celebrated career - with a passion for continual improvement, by asking the right questions and caring about the lives we touch.

Building Upon the Legacy of Dr. Forrest Bird

Dr. Forrest M. Bird revolutionized the world of respiratory care. His pressure ventilator freed thousands from Iron Lungs during the polio epidemic and became the standard of pulmonary intensive care throughout the world. The foundations of Percussionaire were laid back in 1970’s when Dr. Bird shifted his focus and research on improving his mechanical ventilators resulting in the invention of Flow Ventilation®. The breakthrough technology was based on his innovative IPV® technology which continues to improve the quality of life for millions who suffer from pulmonary disease.

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Building Upon the Legacy of Dr. Forrest Bird

A History of Innovation

  • 1955: Dr. Forrest M. Bird releases the Bird Mark 7 Respirator. “The Bird” was the first commercially available and cost effective HFP Ventilator. It revolutionized the world of respiratory care and saved the lives of countless people.
  • 1965: First factory assembly line rolls out a medical respirator for home health care, Dr. Bird’s Mark III.
  • 1971: Dr. Forrest M. Bird introduces first infant ventilator, The BABYbird, which lowered infant mortality from 70% to 10%.
  • 1978: Dr. Forrest M. Bird sells his namesake company to 3M, who takes it public.
  • 1983: The Phasitron® is invented by Dr. Bird which produces the Pulsatile Flow and makes Flow Ventilation® possible. Dr. Bird establishes Percussionaire, a privately owned family business in Sagle, ID.
  • 1987: Percussionaire conducts pre-market trials with the first new-generation Flow Ventilator, featuring IPV® technology.
  • 1991: Percussionaire receives 510[K] marketing authorization from the FDA for Flow Ventilation® including IPV® and VDR® Devices.
  • 2000: Percussionaire releases its Digital WaveForm attachment for its VDR® critical care device.
  • 2010: The Phasitron® gets an update with the release of the single-use Phasitron® which accommodates single-use patients. Percussionaire also releases its first portable home care device, the IPV-HC®.
  • 2011: Dr. Forrest M. Bird retires from the daily operations of Percussionaire at the age of 90.
  • 2017: Percussionaire’s Travel Air® home care device is released giving patients a portable and self-contained option for Flow Ventilation®, reducing admissions for chronic patients.

Percussionaire® Today

We celebrate Dr. Bird’s genius by bringing his innovative spirit and proven benefits of Flow Ventilation® to our products and the millions of people whose lives it continues to change. To this day, we remain a privately owned, family-run organization. Cathy Natoni, the daughter of Dr. Bird, continues to play an instrumental role on our executive leadership team, which is dedicated to upholding his legacy and positioning Percussionaire to innovate and transform the world of respiratory care.

Our pursuit of research and development is unending, and each generation of our Flow Ventilation® devices is the culmination of that quest - and just like Dr. Forrest M. Bird – we are never satisfied. The patient is first, which is reflected in our products and company culture. Percussionaire is committed to providing the highest level of quality, attention to detail and care to all we offer.

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